Clarinets on Stage: Clarinet course 2018

Clarinet course 4, 5, 6 and 7 April 2018

During ‘Clarinets on Stage’ we will work in 3 groups/choirs. For each group, teachers who know the level of the group and are specialized in this will be appointed. The main goal of the course is playing together. Besides playing in a clarinet choir the participants can follow chamber music (trio, quartet, quintet,…) and individual lessons.

For the edition of 2018 we also will organize master classes for students of the conservatories and young professionals. Therefore we have invited international soloists and pedagogues.

You can find all the info about the different arrangements and prices on the page inscription.

Additionally to the stage for amateurs, Clarinets on Stage adds 4 days of masterclasses for conservatory students and young professionals. Eddy Vanoosthuyse (principal clarinet Brussels Philharmonic/professor Royal Conservatory Ghent and Liège/artistic director International Clarinet competition, Ghent) invited his colleague from the Brussels Phlharmonic Anne Boeykens, Freddy Arteel (former principal clarinet Antwerp Symphony/former professor Royal Conservatory Ghent), Pascal Moragues (principal clarinet ‘Orchestre de Paris’/Professor ‘Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris’) and Antonio Tinelli (professor ‘Conservatorio di music N. Piccinni Bari/artistic director S. Mercadante Competition Bari). For the Bass clarinet, Marc Kerckhof (soloist Royal Band of the Belgian Guides/professor bass clarinet Royal Conservatory Ghent) is invited.

This unique team will work individual and in chambermusic. At April 7, there will be the possibility to perform during the closing happening in the Miry Hall at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent (University College/School of Arts).

Location Peace Village Messines - Nieuwkerkestraat 9a B-8957 Mesen

Peace Village Peace Village Peace Village

The final event of ‘Clarinets on Stage’ will take place on April 7th 2018 in the Royal Conservatory of Ghent.

During this event different concerts will take place on different locations in the conservatory and workshops will be organised.

Conservatorium Gent - Hoogpoort 64 B-9000 Gent

Conservatorium Gent

Teachers /professors Clarinets on Stage 2018

Freddy Arteel Anne Boeykens Marc Kerckhof Pascal Moragues Antonio Tinelli Eddy Vanoosthuyse

Bernard Buyse Tom Collier Bart Lagacie Yves Pieters Severine Sierens Peter Valck Johan Verhelst Kris Vuylsteke