The 4th edition of ‘Clarinets on Stage’ takes place on 8 – 11April 2020.

After You have completed the online inscription You will receive an e-mail with the information how to pay the inscription fee. After receiving Your inscription fee we will confirm Your participation by e-mail. In case of cancelling Your participation, You will have to pay the costs for Your overnight stay and the insurance.

Clarinets on Stage 
BE25 0689 3373 7282
Message: Surname Name - Instrument - COS2020

Prizes Clarinets on Stage The Academy 2020

< 16 year (room 4 of 6 persons): €200
> 16 year (room 4 of 6 persons): €215
Room for two: €275
Single room: €360
Without: €180

Prize Clarinets on Stage Masterclasses 2020

In a group chamber of 4/6 persons, all-in € 550